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Palo Santo is

A Spiritual Cleanser

Known to Purify. Detoxify. Protect.

Do it like a Shaman.

The Palo Santo tree has long been thought to have special spiritual qualities and has been widely used by shamans (“medicine men”) for centuries to clear misfortunes, negative thoughts, and evil spirits. Considered a powerful supporter of mental and emotional clarity, studies have also shown that it has promising benefits when it comes to raising immunity and fighting illnesses.

  • A rich supply of antioxidants and phytochemicals called terpenes, Palo Santo is effective for combatting free radical damage

  • Researchers have observed biological activities including anti-neoplastic, anti-tumor, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory actions

"This is the only deodorant I will ever use again for me and my family! It’s truly AMAZING!!!"

Danielle C.
Pharmaceutical Territory Manager

"Every health-conscious spa and salon should be carrying this line!"

Chrissy M.
Health System Executive by Day, Mother of 3 Boys by Night

"Even wrestling practice is no problem for this deodorant! My entire family LOVES IT!"

Lindsey M.
Mother of 2 Boys

"It's AMAZING! I will never go back to those harmful store bought deodorants."

Azy H.
Patent Attorney
Palo Santo deodorant

Just swipe to

ward off negative energy. communicate w/ the divine. heal on the spiritual level.

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